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Here are several testimonials and case study examples of where Mail List Maker is used by various people and organizations.

“It’s Really About
Building Relationships”

Make use of your growing client and connection information with Mail List Maker. Empower yourself and your organization to allow building relationships with an expanding number of connections, all in a cost effective scenario.

As human beings, we are all social beings. That means we socialize with each other, both on a personal level and in groups.

We are accustomed to working in smaller groups, ranging from just a few up to a few hundred. But now, in today’s world of social media and fast paced businesses, it is much easier for your circle of acquaintances to range into the thousands and beyond.

Empower yourself and your organization by using Mail List Maker to build relationships with your clients and subscribers.



Buddy Paniello, Group IV

“Mail List Maker was invaluable and the new features of the email package were outstanding. The database allowed us to stay in contact with customers, track our activities, and, through mass email, keep 36,000 accounts abreast of developments with products, seminars, and updates. The feedback the reports allowed were very useful to us and more importantly, our clients.

Mail List Maker handled our business in a professional manner with never any doubt as to their integrity or intelligence.”

Group IV Products, Inc. a manufacturers representative firm covering 10 states used (solutions) for database management as well as direct email campaigns.

Lyle Nelson, Truth@Work

“Mail List Maker has been a great asset for our company bringing the ability to blast out HTML-formatted, professionally designed emails to our clients in-house, and saving us on outsourced expenses for this service. With direct access to the program designer, we have all of our questions, concerns, and training done in a timely matter that allows us to be very efficient with our communication.

And with a steady flow of updates and upgrades to the system, it is continually improving.”

Case Studies

Mark, the Baker

Mark owns a bakery and sells to local restaurants and supermarkets as well as an online shop for direct sales. Customers and clients get a weekly newsletter from Mark’s bakery to get updated on current specials and updated prices

By keeping his marketing costs low and effective, Mark keeps his profits up. Mail List Maker enables Mark to understand who his clients are and make adjustments to his business strategy to remain agile in the marketplace. Something his rivals haven't figured out yet, and part of what sets Mark apart in a fast paced business.

Jay, the Software Developer

Jay runs a small but successful software company where he sells a vertical market software solution. He not only has a sizable client list, but also prospects that he meets at trade shows and via his online software download page, where prospective clients opt in to receive more information about his products and services.

It is very easy for Jay to send out marketing messages promoting his latest sales and follow up with clients. The sales increase from sending out seasonal specials more than makes up for the costs associated with sending any other form of marketing, and Mail List Maker keeps Jay in touch with his data.

Since he’s very familiar with working with data, having the data secure and available in a desktop database, something he is very familiar with, Mail List Maker is a perfect fit for Jay’s small and growing company.

Lisa, the Photographer

Lisa is a photographer that shoots events and weddings. She partners with a local bridal store to receive leads of prospective clients that are interested in finding a photographer for their weddings.

Mail List Maker empowers Lisa to send out “welcome” messages to prospective clients that she can then monitor for results, and focus her marketing efforts on follow ups that respond to her initial messages. She can then create a funnel to lead prospects to a final sale and keep her calendar full of paying bookings.

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