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“Why Mail List Maker?”

Mail List Maker is an email marketing application that works for you by connecting your desktop with the cloud.

The several advantages of having a desktop application to manage your business relationships are that it is fast, flexible and easy to customize for your unique needs.

Our user friendly features combined with the power of cloud computing delivers the no-worry experience of having hosted data that reliably syncs with your desktop data to provide you with a constantly available service.

Make use of your growing client and subscribers with Mail List Maker.

Empower yourself and your organization by using Mail List Maker to build relationships with your clients and subscribers.


The Advantages of a Desktop Application: Fast, flexible and easily customizable.

Mail List Maker is a powerful, multi-platform application with its own local back-end database that includes the following features:

A Desktop Database that puts you in control.

You never run the risk of losing access to a contact list the exists on some other site.

Scheduled emails: Set your emails to go out at a specified date and time, allowing you to queue up as many as you like.

Autoresponder: automate outgoing emails based on criteria you define to automatically happen at specified intervals.

Track opens and clicks in your emails.

Build a Custom Opt-in Form that you can copy and paste into your web site to add subscribers automatically.

Lots of customizations options.

Built on Leading Technologies: we rely on solid foundation of proven technologies and services to be able to build a innovative and valuable software offering, built with some of the following...

The ability to perform very granular finds, allowing you to be selective about creating exactly the segment of your contact list that you want to mail to.

Easy to integrate and extend with a flexible back end architecture that allows for all kinds of possibilities for extended scripting or tieing directly into an existing database.

Import from a wide variety of formats. Supporting Excel 95-2004 Workbooks (.xls), Excel Workbooks (.xlsx), comma separated values, tab separated values, merge files, dBase, FileMaker files, and more.

Built in Email analytics and statistics. Tracking and analyzing your emails to maximize effectiveness and focus your marketing. Integrate with google analytics for cross referencing site statistics.

Easy email creation with template selector, merge fields and automatic link generators. Quickly and easily modify the look of your email with a few simple clicks. Take control of the style of your email with CSS.

Suppression List to ensure omission of select addresses from all your mailings.

Easily modifiable. We have the capability to make easy custom modifications to meet your exact business needs, such as recurring imports from an excel spreadsheets to manage new contacts.

Our email tracking technology is separate from the sending, so you can choose where to send email based on the individual mailing, should you choose to. And it is all still tracked and synced back with your local database.

Unlimited sending and record creation, you decide what you want to send, what you want to track and gather statistics on.

You are in control of the data, you always keep it so you know you have it. No danger of being held hostage by a provider not allowing you access to your list.

Since it runs from your desktop, you are in control of the time zone and scheduling. There is no confusion about what time zone the remote server is in.

This tool is about building trust and credibility with your list and establishing a relationship with them. Getting to know exactly who you are addressing and who they are.

And much more to come! We are continually developing this tool according to your needs.

Primary application installation is separate from email server configuration, if necessary.

Please see our technical specifications for system requirements.


Connect with your clients and subscribers. Go beyond simple communication. Understanding who you are reaching better allows you to clearly focus your business.

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