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Mail List Maker fulfills a need. Easy, approachable email marketing software that allows you to connect to your clients on a whole new level.

In addition to the main application, we provide services to meet your growing needs. Whether it's setting up a new server, or developing a brand new look for your latest campaign, we are here for you.

The needs facing companies today can be nebulous, with all sorts of different demands. We offer a variety of services in order to meet your needs.

Whether it's creating custom templates for a planned marketing campaign, or establishing a strategy to guarantee delivery; our experience can be a beacon of light in the darkness of overwhelming possibilities.

With over 30 year combined experience, we would be happy to consult with you on your needs.


Creative Services

  • Responsive email design
  • The design of email templates for regular and/or incidental content
  • The design of an email newsletter template
  • Campaign review and consultation
  • The design of subscription forms and a subscription page for the your site
  • Monthly production and mailing of the newsletter using content you provide
  • Web Design - clean, well thought out and modern web design, customized for you.
  • User Interface - from web to application development, creating intuitive and usable interfaces.
  • Marketing - improve your strategy by leveraging affordable and cost effective marketing. Monetize your investment and maximize results.
  • Graphic Design - Logos, web site design and more...

Technical Services

  • List Management - including merging lists from differing sources, comparing one database against another, verifying email addresses, etc...
  • Mailing list Preparation
  • Scripted Imports - built to your specifications, depending on your needs
  • Custom Reports - built to your specifications
  • Cloud Integration
  • Server Configuration
  • Database Planning & Development - with over 15 years of experience, we can provide services for both existing and custom developed solutions.
  • System Architecture, Automation & Administration
  • Web Programming - including both front end html/css/javascript to backend scripting languages and server side technologies.

Of course, these services compliment Mail List Maker, our email marketing application. However, you may reserve blocks of time with or without our application. Please refer to our Price List for current rates.

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