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“Email: the Internet’s Killer App

A recent article in Digital Trends titled “Believe it or not, email is still the killer app,” a higher percentage of people use email over all other methods for communication on the Internet. Email is ubiquitous and has low technical requirements.

Email is now more important than ever! As adoption rates rise, markets continue to embrace the technology in ways that only extend the functionality of email. As the state of email support increases, allowing for more robust and interactive design possibilities, the importance of using email to connect with your clients and subscribers only increases.

According to this report from MarketingSherpa, 65% of all email users felt that email was the best way for companies to communicate with them. As stated back in the section called “Email: The Heart of the Internet” in Chapter 1, it’s also extremely measurable and cost-effective. If you are at all focused on brand—and revenue—building online, email will usually be a logical and essential part of the plan.

Improve your marketing

Email Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

When compared to more traditional forms of marketing and advertising, the advantages of email are clear.

For example, consider the costs associated with doing a “snail mail” direct mailing campaign. You will have printing cost, paper cost, postage cost to consider. As the size of your mailing increases, this adds up. Quick.

Email, by comparison:

  • Costs pennies on the dollar with other forms of marketing
  • Capable of measuring return on investment (ROI) effectively
  • Is considerably more scalable, allowing for much greater volume
  • Allows for speed of delivery unmatched by traditional method, opening up possibilities for timed campaigns and drip marketing

Why Email Marketing matters

Despite it’s name, email marketing solutions can provide much more than marketing in the sense of sending bulk messages. There are several different categories, all of which can contribute to your overall marketing strategy. These include

  • Newsletters & Digests
  • Product Announcements
  • Specials Offers, Sales, Catalog Updates
  • Etc...

They can also include:

There are a great range of offerings that offer email marketing in some capacity. Navigating what to choose can be difficult and intimidating.

  • Simple bulk emailers (some plain text only)
  • More advanced applications that may include some of the following
    • Capable of tracking opens and click throughs
    • Transactional emails
    • Autoresponders
    • Customizable Email templates
    • Desktop or web based
    • The options to use you choice of email server
    • Reporting and analytics

There are also several dedicated email service providers that act as one-stop-shops for email marketing as a service. These often fall short in terms of offering you the options you need for tighter control over your data, and can leave you feeling disconnected. At worst, you can run the risk of losing your contacts and data if you lose your account!

Make sure that never happens to you, bring control of your email marketing back in house with Mail List Maker.

Why Mail List Maker is different

Mail List Maker lets you gain more control out of your email marketing. By providing an easy to use application that is built on leading technologies, Mail List Maker gives you very granular control over your contacts and the emails you send.

We have extended the desktop application by using industry leading technology to complete the entire solution, supplying the data securely to your desktop.

And since Mail List Maker utilizes the strengths of FileMaker Pro, the best desktop database application builder around, it is easy to extend, automate and customize to your exact needs.

For examply, import from variety of formats:

  • Excel
  • Comma-Separated
  • Tab Delimited
  • Dbase
  • Merge Format
  • FileMaker

Custom integration is capable with the many external connection options, including:

  • FileMaker Pro Application
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server

See even more features here.

By directly integrating and automating workflows, you can avoid time consuming, repetitive task involving lots of manual export and import procedures to keep your data in sync.

With Mail List Maker, you can always have the data you need synchronized and up to date.

With Mail List Maker, you aren’t limited in the size of your contact list.

With Mail List Maker, you aren’t limited by how many messages you can send.

With Mail List Maker, you enjoy the advantages of quick and easy access to your own data. You don’t need any programming knowledge or have a programmer on staff just to send a mailing, it’s easy to get started and use.

You are able to scale as much as you need to, and our pricing remains reasonable. With other programs and service providers, you will find that when your list grows to beyond even a few thousand, you will find that the costs involved in some other offerings begins to be prohibitive. Mail List Maker gives you the options to control costs and track return on investment, bringing more value to you and your clients and subscribers.

With Mail List Maker, You Are Not Alone.

Finally, we build a relationship with YOU. Our qualified staff are here to help you meet your goals and needs with our Design and Technical services.

We will be there if you need extra assistance in creating compelling new messages and reusable templates that can help establish your brand or convey a corporate identity, for example. Our knowledge of how it all works is at your disposal with our technical knowledge, allowing you to tailor your needs exactly how you want them.

Need more information? Call us today to order, at (317) 759-4666 or use the contact form at the following link.

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